Our Vision

The new UC Davis Veterinary Medical Center will be unlike any other veterinary facility. Built to promote clinical innovation, transformational research discovery and compassionate healing; each animal and client will receive attentive and personalized care in the center of a world-leading biomedical research hub. Our veterinary scientists uniquely contribute to each patient’s outcome as they push the envelope to advance veterinary care through discovery; setting new standards for the profession. The modern Veterinary Medical Center, home to more than 30 clinical specialties, provides a rich learning environment for the nation’s largest veterinary residency program. From behavior to zoo medicine, all of these specialties, supported by an extensive complement of clinical laboratories, provide the comprehensive and innovative patient care advantage of the Veterinary Medical Center.

The planning effort for the new UC Davis Veterinary Medical Center has identified several project groupings to be constructed and/or renovated:

  • All Species Imaging Center – expected completion April 2025
  • Equine Performance and Rehabilitation Center – expected completion TBD later in the decade
  • Equine Surgery and Critical Care Center – expected completion TBD later in the decade
  • Equine Isolation Unit – expected completion TBD later in the decade
  • Large Animal Support Facility – completed 2019
  • Livestock and Field Service Center – expected completion TBD later in the decade
  • Small Animal Hospital East Wing: A Center of Innovation, Discovery and Healing – expected completion TBD later in the decade
  • Small Animal Hospital West Wing – expected completion TBD later in the decade
  • Current Hospital Renovations:
    • New exotics examination rooms – completed 2017
    • New Small Animal Clinic examination rooms – completed 2018
    • Feline Treatment and Housing Suite – completed October 2020
    • New Cardiology Service suite and Translational Cardiology Clinical Research Center – completed June 2022
    • New Large Animal Clinic equine stalls – completed August 2022
    • New Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit – completed May 2023
    • New Dentistry & Oral Surgery Service suite – expected completion Fall 2024
    • New Nutrition Service suite – completed fall 2023
    • Center for Advanced Veterinary Surgery (to be located in old Scrubs Café space) – expected completion Feb 2024
    • New hospital office/teaching space (to be located on first floor of Carlson Library) – plans to be completed by June 2024
    • New Behavior Service suite (to be located in old Swaggie Store space) – completed summer 2023

Each of these structures advances our ability to handle the challenging and increasing caseload, allows for the adoption of the latest technology in veterinary medicine and provides the infrastructure and efficient services to facilitate translational research. Each stage of construction not only eases overcrowding with an enlarged footprint, but also enhances the integrated approach of our veterinary teams to deliver patient care, teach and develop new knowledge applying lab discoveries to the clinical setting for added patient benefit and student education.