Lab Test Search

Lab Test Search

To search the Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Service test menu, a section (lab) or keyword is required. Both may be specified to further narrow the search results. All turnaround times are measured in business days (Monday-Friday) and assume there are no complications with testing; should complications occur, turnaround times may be delayed

Chemistry tests are offered both as single analytes or grouped into panels: Chemistry test panel quick guide (pdf)

Test Detail Information

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*Prices subject to change without notice.


Reference ranges may not be available for all tests for all species.

NOTE: Myasthenia gravis and masticatory muscle myositis testing are not available at UC Davis Veterinary Neuromuscular Disease Laboratory. Please contact the UC San Diego Comparative Neuromuscular Laboratory for myasthenia gravis and masticatory muscle myositis testing.

NOTE: All laboratory requests and submissions must be made by a veterinarian, and results will only be released to a veterinarian. We cannot accept laboratory submissions directly from animal owners.

Biological samples submitted to the VMTH Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories may be used for VMTH teaching and research purposes consistent with the mission of the University.