GSSP Conditions


General Conditions

Students who receive GSSP funding awards are expected to complete their graduate training successfully and, if applicable, to obtain an advanced scientific degree (PhD or Master’s degree). A candidate may be required to pay back awarded funds if they fail to fulfill these Conditions of Award (see below).

Reporting Requirements

All recipients of GSSP funding support MUST SUBMIT a final (academic year-end) report summarizing their research, scientific, and/or academic achievements during the year of GSSP support, no later than September 30th to Eileen English. Any publications must also be reported. Failure to submit a final year-end report will subject the recipient to the payback requirement (see below). Recompeting applicants: If you are applying for an additional year of GSSP funding, you must also submit a progress report with your new application.

Academic Achievement

Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and be in good academic standing in the graduate curricula. Continued funding will be predicated on whether the student has attempted to obtain extramural grant support.

Payback Requirements

GSSP recipients may be required to pay back their GSSP funding if they elect to leave the program voluntarily, if they are involuntarily excused from the program, or if they fail to submit a progress report at the end of their GSSP funding year.


No carryover of funding is allowed. Any unexpended funds at the end of each fiscal year will be returned to the SVM Dean's Office.


Please contact Eileen English at with any questions or concerns.