Derek Cissell

Research interests: Cartilage, biomechanics, diagnostic imaging

VM: Surgical & Radiological Sciences

Dr. Cissell is a veterinary radiologist specializing in equine diagnostic imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and computed tomography (CT). His laboratory aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of joint disorders by: (1) developing biomedical imaging techniques to detect early cartilage injury; (2) predicting tissue function via non-invasive imaging; and (3) applying imaging for assessing cartilage repair. The lab is engaged in research characterizing temporomandibular joint disorders in animals, using MRI to evaluate cartilage, and developing novel imaging protocols for imaging animal joints.

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Eric G. Johnson, DVM

Associate Professor of Clinical Surgical & Radiological Sciences

My background research interests include mapping of lymphatic pathways with ultrasound, CT and MRI and novel disease descriptions using these cross sectional imaging modalities.

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