STAR Program Funding Opportunities

STAR Program Funding Opportunities

Application Receipt Date: FEBRUARY 9th, 2022 by 11:59 pm PST

The STAR Program competitively awards funds in the form of an approximately $6,000 stipend fellowship. The entire award will be allocated directly to the recipients as a living stipend only to successful veterinary student applicants.

STAR Program Funds support a broad array of veterinary and biomedical research areas. Because the funding sources are often directed towards specific research interests or qualifications, they are awarded with some specific expectations:

  • School of Veterinary Medicine Research Fellowships

    These awards are funded through endowment earnings. Fellows must participate in a research poster presentation in the STARS in Science day.
  • Center for Companion Animal Health

    The CCAH is committed to advancing the school’s educational missions for our residents, professional DVM students and graduate students. Future advancements in animal health depend upon a qualified cadre of new veterinarians, veterinary specialists and veterinary scientists.
  • Dr. Viki Krade Memorial Feline Research Fellowship

    Supports research involving ongoing feline research by both the student and faculty sponsor. Fellows must participate in a research poster presentation in the STARS in Science day.
  • NIH T35 Summer Biomedical Research Fellowship

    Fosters research in animal models of human disease. This summer training program offers opportunities in a broad array of laboratories engaged in biomedical research. Fellows are required to make an oral presentation about their research in the latter part of summer and present posters in the STARS in Science day.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinary Scholars Research Program

    Provides a supportive environment to explore and experience research in an established laboratory along with seminars and discussion groups on careers in science, in the hope that the students will gain an informed insight into a career in research, and stimulate some of the fellows to pursue a career in research, subsequent to completing their veterinary degrees. Fellows are expected to attend a summer symposium hosted by Boehringer Ingelheim at a U.S. veterinary college where they must present a research poster and also present their poster and participate in the STARS in Science Day. (NOTE: Each BI fellow is expected to stay in touch with the Office of Research and Graduate Education [ or 530-752-6612] in the School of Veterinary Medicine once he/she graduates in order to maintain continuity in terms of their current position, location and future career goals). The BIVSP national website is available at:

All STAR related posters, talks and subsequent publishings must acknowledge the UC Davis STAR program and fund source. An example of how to acknowledge funding is "Financial support was provided by the Students Training in Advanced Research (STAR) Program through a UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Endowment Fund (or Morris, BVI, NIH, etc.).  Students funded by the NIH T35 grant will need to include the NIH grant number as well.

Please contact the STAR Program at with any questions or concerns.