During its inaugural year, the UC SVM Exchange Program with the University College of Dublin saw two students swap locations for their summer projects. Both students had great things to say about the program, and offered some insights for future students considering the program.

  • It was a great opportunity to complete international research with the strong support of another veterinary school.
  • University College Dublin was very inclusive and I had the opportunity to contribute to other ongoing research projects (unrelated to my own), shadow during necropsies of some of my study animals on the pathology floor, and attend some talks at the European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care conference.
  • Dublin is a great place to work and it was very feasible to travel on the weekends.
  • For me and my counterpart, a housing swap worked out really well. I was able to stay in her apartment close to the university (Dublin), make friends with her housemates, and even borrow her bike to get to work. Be aware that there is a housing shortage in Dublin and subletting is not common practice. Living on campus may be a good option if you can't house swap.
  • Be prepared to work hard and put in the time to get your results!
  • Get a second-hand bike for commuting around Davis
  • Join one of the clubs in Davis - makes it a lot easier to meet new people.
  • Sort your housing in Davis early. Perhaps see if a room exchange can be done with the Davis student coming to Dublin.