Together, we are creating a campus where Each Aggie Matters. And here at the School of Veterinary Medicine, we are taking a stand to advocate for our community. See the pledges below and consider adding your own pledge or personal story to the campaign.  

Contact Dr. Zachary Ward at to discuss adding your voice to the campaign on the Vet Med campus. 


Dean Michael LairmoreDean Michael Lairmore

As Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine, I am fully supportive of this program. Each and every Aggie on the Davis campus matters - not just to me but to our entire society. The students at UC Davis are the future leaders of our society and as such they must not only be supported, they must be encouraged to work to their full potential so that they can truly make a difference in the world. To accomplish our mission we must provide compassionate and effective support for the needs of our students. This includes mental health support and mindfulness/wellness support. We have incorporated these support elements into our Career, Leadership and Wellness Center.  I believe that mental health is an area of wellness that impacts all of us-whether experienced in our family lives, within our social network, or in our personal and private lives. I fully support the efforts of our leaders in our faculty, staff, and students who participate and implement this important initiative.


Alexander W.Alexander W.

I pledge to be a friendly presence for my classmates and colleagues. Also, to always have nonjudgmental listening ears, a compassionate heart and open arms for empathy.




Amanda S.Amanda S.

I pledge to do my best to provide a safe space for my peers where they can come to me with concerns without fear of judgment. I promise to do my best to provide an example of a healthy work-life balance to my fellow classmates, which allows them to feel free to do the same. Finally, I pledge to be a believer and ally to those who are survivors of sexual assault and emotional abuse.



Chris G.Chris G.

I pledge to do what needs to be done to help my classmates with their mental health. To take care of myself when needed, to help others when they ask for it, and to listen to everyone who wishes to talk. Whenever I can, I will strive to make my school and my community a safe and wholesome place to address mental health concerns.



Hana L.Hana L.

I pledge to make health, wellness and personal relationships a priority, because veterinary school is only one part of my overall goal to live a fulfilling and happy life. I pledge to look out for the wellness of my friends and colleagues, and support them during their times of need.



Janel L.Janel L.

As the Director of the Career, Leadership and Wellness Center, I honestly hope that our ‘Each Aggie Matters’ campaign helps many students, faculty and staff. Throughout my 20 year career in student services, I have gained an understanding of the stressors of college, and I want to personally say that my door is always open. I am here to listen and offer support in any way that I can.


Jim C.Jim C.

As a member of the U.C. Davis faculty, I pledge to share my personal experience of mental health disease with students and to remind them that mental illness is a medical condition, not a weakness or personal or professional failing. 


Kelsey B.Kelsey B.

I pledge to do my best to be better aware of the mental health of myself and my peers and to always be a helping hand to those in need. I understand the importance of maintaining all aspects of health, including emotional and mental, and I hope to act as a trusting friend to those who want/need support.



Marlene BMarlene B.

I pledge to be a supporter for myself and all my colleagues. I will be a listener and friend for those who seek my support. I will do my best to be an active advocate for mental health and will help foster a strong welcoming community for all.



Meera H.Meera H.

I pledge to be a positive influence on those around me. I will listen to and support those who are struggling and help them find the mental health resources that they need. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help, and I will respect and honor that courage. I pledge to maintain my own mental well being so that I may be there for others.


Melissa R.Melissa R.

I pledge to make my own mental health a priority so that I can be more present and better able to support my peers.




Natalie C.Natalie C.

I pledge to actively and purposely prioritize my own mental health and advocate for the mental health of others, even when taking this stance is difficult or unpopular. I commit to intentionally working to increase mental health awareness and to reduce stigma.  I vow to be open and supportive of any individual who reaches out to me for help regarding his or her mental health, and promise not to be dismissive or judgmental. I also vow to know my own limits when helping others. I pledge to always try to acknowledge situations in which I am not able to provide the level or mental health support needed by others in my life so that I can direct them to more appropriate sources of support. I challenge myself to always be aware of the mental health resources available so that I am prepared and equipped to help myself and others at any time.


Paige L.Paige L.

I pledge to be aware of my own limits and not automatically say 'yes' when something is asked of me. I will make taking care of myself a priority and will encourage my classmates to do the same. Most importantly, I will not feel guilty for prioritizing my physical and mental health.



Rebecca R.Rebecca R.

I pledge to be kind to others and to be an individual they feel comfortable opening up to. I will strive to be a source of empathy, compassion, and love to my peers.  Along with this, I pledge to be kind to myself in my own personal struggles, and to open myself up to others when necessary.  I will remind myself and others that asking for help is not a weakness.  Finally, I will continue to work to be an advocate for mental health awareness and resources both while in school and in my future veterinary career.



Roxie B.Roxie B.

I pledge to be a constant source of support and empathy to my friends and classmates and help them out in any way I can in their times of need. I promise to continue to advocate for more awareness and availability of resources when it comes to mental health in my student leadership positions at school and also later on in my career as a veterinarian. Finally, I vow to continue to use mental health resources available to me throughout my life in order to work through and overcome my own obstacles and hopefully better myself as an individual and as a member of society. 



Spencer F.Spencer F.

As a member of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine student community, I pledge to do all that I can to promote the importance of mental health. I will work with students, staff, and faculty to improve the quality of resources available at school. I will use my own experiences battling with mental illness to help those around me by making myself available to listen, share, and be a resource in any way that I can.



Stephanie S.Stephanie S.

I pledge to be compassionate with myself and with others. I will put my time and energy into things that enrich my life and the lives of those around me, and let go of the things that do not. I will do my best to be mindful of my words, and to consider how they affect those around me. I will be a supporter, a nurturer, and a listener. When I don’t know how to help, I will ask. When I fail to do these things, I pledge to forgive myself and try again.