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Pre-Vet Outreach and Recruitment

Pre-Vet Outreach and RecruitmentPre-Vet Outreach and Recruitment

The School is working on many fronts to encourage diverse student populations in veterinary medicine. Efforts to increase the interest in math, science and especially veterinary medicine by high school and undergraduate college students is a key strategy for diversifying the veterinary community. Learn more about our specific efforts:

  • Undergraduate
  • Summer Enrichment Program (SEP)
    An intensive, five-week program to help disadvantaged undergraduate students enhance their preparation for veterinary school. It includes coursework, admissions workshops, case presentations and hands-on veterinary experience in the teaching hospital.

    Student Mentorship Program

    For the past several years, DVM students have provided leadership and mentorship to UC Davis Pre-Vet Students Supporting Diversity (PSSD) students through a formal mentorship program. Each year between 30-40 PSSD students are being actively mentored by current DVM students.

  • Middle School & High School
  • Summer Math & Science Honors Academy (SMASH)
    Veterinary educational sessions are offered as part of this 5-week residential program for high-achieving, underrepresented minority high school students in grades 9-11.

    Vet Med Exploration Academy (VMEA)
    A three-day academy held each fall in partnership with UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP), VMEA provides local underrepresented high school students with a first-hand look at the fields of study that make up veterinary medical education through a variety of lectures, labs, activities, and tours.

    Vets of the Future
    This one-day event is for students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade to find out what being a veterinarian is all about. Students learn how to interpret radiographs, learn about animal behavior and training, learn basic surgery knots, and get their questions answered by veterinary students, and more.
  • Elementary School
  • This is How We Role
    Created by Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine, this after-school program provides fun and interactive science and math experiences to kids in grades K-4 who are educationally disadvantaged due to socioeconomic status, race, or ethnicity, with the long-term goal of diversifying the veterinarian-scientist workforce.

Underrepresented No More

Launched in 2020, Underrepresented No Moreprovides inspiration, resources, and support to underrepresented pre-vet students. The resources found there will put you on the path to realizing your aspirations of becoming a veterinarian.