Pre DVM Program Opportunities

Pre DVM Program OpportunitiesStudents in K-8

Students in College

Summer Enrichment Program
Intensive program to help disadvantaged students enhance their preparation for veterinary school. Course work, admissions workshops, case presentations and hands-on veterinary experience in the teaching hospital.

Students in High SchoolStudents in High School

SMASH Academy (Summer Math and Science Honors)
The school offers veterinary educational sessions as part of this 5-week residential program for high-achieving, under-represented minority (URM) high school students aims to engender excitement and some understanding in STEM fields that hopefully one day will lead them to UCD and then hopefully our SVM. 

California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science, COSMOS
COSMOS is a 4-week summer residential program for high achieving math and science students in high school. In this program, veterinary faculty teach a biomedical sciences course focused on several aspects of science and medicine with hands-on experiences. Participants also visit the school’s veterinary hospital, anatomy laboratory, Sacramento Zoo, UC Davis Medical Center and other sites to learn how their biology studies connect with animal, human and environmental health.

Veterinary Medicine Exploration Academy
The academy, part of the UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program, annually provides high school students with a first-hand look at the fields of study that make up veterinary medical education. This three-day program challenges students to engage and learn as participants in laboratory practical analysis, anatomy review, pathology, radiology and a variety of lectures presented by veterinary faculty, graduate students and staff. 

Future Day 
A day-long event held on a Saturday in the winter/spring term (date tbd) at the School of Veterinary Medicine for high school student interested in veterinary medicine.  The day is full of hands-on activities, case discussions and fun talks.

Students in K-8Students in K-8

Vets of the Future
Learn to interpret radiographs, learn about animal behavior and training, learn basic surgery knots, get your questions answered by veterinary students, and more! Find out what being a veterinarian is all about. 6th-8th graders welcome.

Date: October 27th, 2018. 8:00a.m.-12:00p.m.
To register: 
This event is for students only, so parents and family members will be asked to leave and return at 12:00PM for pick up.

Please fill out the registration form no later than October 11th, 2018. Registration does not guarantee a spot. Confirmation emails will be sent October 15th, 2018.
Spacing is limited, so please register early!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Veterinary Student Outreach at

UC Davis Summer Youth Programs “Vet Med Camps” 
Delve into the exciting world of veterinary medicine with our brand new Vet Med Camp! Through a partnership with UC Davis Veterinary Medicine – the nation’s largest and top-ranked vet school – we created this camp for those with a passion for animals. Participants will learn surgical gowning and gloving procedures, read x-rays, study teeth from various species, explore blood and bugs through the lens of a microscope, tour the Raptor Center, and so much more! Campers will spend the week alongside UC Davis Vet Med students and professors.