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How Bird Flu Virus Fragments Get into Milk Sold in Stores, and What the Spread of H5N1 in Cows Means for the Dairy Industry and Milk Drinkers

The discovery of fragments of avian flu virus in milk sold in U.S. stores, including in about 20% of samples in initial testing across the country, suggests that the H5N1 virus may be more widespread in dairy cattle than previously realized.

Dr. Simone Stoute Named Poultry Scientist of the Year

Dr. Simone Stoute, professor in the Department of Population Health & Reproduction and branch chief of California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory - Turlock, was recently named the Scientist of the Year by the Pacific Egg and Poultry Association (PEPA).

In recognizing Dr. Stoute at the PEPA annual convention, poultry veterinarian Dr. Mark Bland praised her work, noting that she has an excellent reputation for her diagnostic acumen, is a leader in the laboratory, and is recognized by industry as a highly effective communicator.

Supporting Urban Farmers

The Civic Urban Farmer Program recently received a 2023 Specialty Crop Block grant from the CA Department of Food and Agriculture to support its continuation.