Surgery Saves Award-Winning Heifer

Chime, a 1-year-old Holstein heifer, was fresh off a win at a local fair this past spring—with another show just a month away—when she began to show signs of abdominal discomfort or colic, and abnormal fecal production.

Champion Show and Breeding Goat Saved from Cancer

Social Issues, a 7-year-old Saanen doe goat, has a rich history as a champion show goat and a valuable member of owner Scott Bice’s small genetic show herd, Vineyard View Dairy Goats. She has won “Best Udder in Show” at the California State Fair several times and is also a national champion. Her milk has been used for products of Bice’s sister’s company, Redwood Hill Farms, makers of goat yogurt and kefir. But when Social Issues was recently diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer) on her udder, her future was in jeopardy.