Historical Timeline

Historical Timeline

Former Deans of the School of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Clarence M. Haring  - 1947-48

Dr. George H. Hart  - 1948-54

Dr. Donald E. Jasper  - 1954-62

Dr. William R. Pritchard  - 1962-82

Dr. Edward A. Rhode  - 1982-91

Dr. Frederick A. Murphy  - 1991-1996

Dr. Bennie I. Osburn  - 1996-2011

Dr. Michael D. Lairmore  - 2011-2021

Dr. Mark D. Stetter  - 2021-Current

The School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis has a rich history of educating veterinarians and veterinary scientists, discovering new knowledge through a robust and progressive research enterprise, and setting the standards in animal health care. Innovation and collaboration are at the core of the school’s success and professional advancements. The faculty have developed new disciplines, new clinical treatments and advanced the One Health approach to address complex health issues at the interface of animals, people and the environment.

Captured here are just some of the historical highlights, advancements, and global impacts associated with the faculty and programs of the school. Dedicated to serving society, this school has set a high bar for itself and its contributions to the profession of veterinary medicine. Although it’s not possible to chronicle every achievement or feature every member of our school’s community, these pages reflect many of the people, events and achievements that make this school so special.