Important Updates

DVM Transfer Program

DVM Transfer Program

There are no seats available in classes of 2023 & 2024, therefore, we are unable to accept applications for transfer at this time.

Requirements for Transfer in Advanced Standing:

Applications may be considered if available positions exist within the third-year class only. Each class in the DVM program of the School of Veterinary Medicine shall have no more than 150 students. Should no positions be available, applicants for Admission in Advanced Standing will be notified that no positions exist.

Every spring term, the Dean and the Associate Deans for Academic Programs and Student Programs will determine if positions will be available for matriculation in the fall term.  Applications may be submitted at any time prior to the filing deadline which is currently May 1 of the year the applicant would like to enroll.

When positions are available in a given class, further review and evaluation of the application may take place at the discretion of the Dean for Student Programs. All applicants must meet the following criteria for selection:

The applicant must have a strong academic record in his/her undergraduate program. At minimum, the candidate’s BLP (best linear predictor) score used for the regular admissions process must meet or exceed the average BLP score for the class in which the candidate is seeking admission. BLP is the quantitative measure used to rank applicants – it is based on a combination of quantitative data including GPA’s (overall VMCAS science courses, and most recent 45 graded semester/68 quarter units), GRE quantitative score, and quantitative input from external letters. Review the statistics on our website for average GPAs and GRE scores of admitted California and non-resident applicants.

The applicant must be currently enrolled in an AVMA-accredited DVM program and must be in excellent academic and ethical standing in that program. The specific minimum benchmark will be that the applicant is in the top quartile of students in the Veterinary School in which the applicant is currently enrolled as determined by GPA or class rank.

The applicant must have completed veterinary course work equivalent to that expected of the students in the DVM program of the School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis, who will be in the same academic class. This assessment will be made by the Associate Deans for Academic Programs and Student Affairs.

Please visit for information of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine curriculum.

The applicant must have a valid reason for requesting admission in advanced standing. An example of a valid reason is: spouse is being transferred to a position in the company/military that is near UC Davis but distant from the previous veterinary program. Generally, reasons based primarily on financial cost to attend the other program would not be considered valid.

Applicants for Admission in Advanced Standing will be notified of the review outcome by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs no later than July 15 of the academic year in question.

Application Materials to be Submitted:

a.  Completed application. You may download the application by using Acrobat Reader.

b.  Three (3) letters of evaluation. One letter must be from the Dean or Associate Dean of your veterinary college and the other two from faculty of your veterinary college.  Letters may be sent directly to our School or submitted with your application.

c.   Official transcripts from all colleges and professional programs attended. Send official transcripts in a sealed institutional envelope with your application and mail directly to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Admissions office.  Applications not supported by official transcripts will not be considered.

d.   Copy of GRE Report(s).  Copies of original reports are acceptable.

e.   Any supplemental information you wish to have considered as part of your application.

Download application here:
In Microsoft Word, Transfer Application.doc
In Adobe pdf, Transfer Application.pdf

Submit application to or any supporting information not required to be official or mail to:     

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
Office of Admissions and Student Programs
One Shields Ave. 944 Garrod Drive
Davis, CA 95616