Academic Resources

Academic Resources

Resources that are available to support students in their academic endeavors, including tutorial assistance, disability accommodations and counseling


Free academic tutorial assistance is available upon request to any veterinary student who is experiencing academic difficulty in one or more of their courses. Students should contact to schedule a meeting with the Associate Dean for Professional Education.

Generally students who have completed courses with a grade of B+ or better are eligible to be hired as tutors.  Announcements looking for applicants will be made via Canvas when a need is identified.


The SDC ( is a department within the Division of Student Affairs and is located in 54 Cowell Building or call 530-752-3184. Their philosophy is to promote independence and integrated participation in campus life for students with disabilities. The SDC is staffed by professional Disability Specialists who specialize in different areas: learning, vision, hearing, medical, psychological, and mobility. These professionals each work with an assigned caseload of students, determining their eligibility for academic accommodations and ensuring the reasonable accommodation process necessary to allow the students to participate meaningfully in educational opportunities on campus.

Process within the School of Veterinary Medicine for Students with Disabilities

The SDC will provide the Office for Academic Programs/Curricular Support with the accommodation information for each student. The Office for Academic Programs/Curricular Support will work with the student and their instructors to put these accommodations in place. Students are responsible for contacting the SDC at the beginning of each semester in order to have accommodations in place for that semester.

The School is not required to provide accommodations if these accommodations would lower academic standards or compromise the integrity of the school or program by not allowing a student to gain skills or abilities that are fundamental to the practice of veterinary medicine.


Student Health Services (SHS) and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) are one department called Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS)

Wellness, illness, and injury care

The Student Health & Wellness Center is located on La Rue Road between Hutchison Drive and Orchard Road, across the street from the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) and next to the Colleges at La Rue.

Students participating in the Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) must go to the Student Health & Wellness Center for treatment of illness and injuries (including animal bites).  Please refer to the Student Health and Counseling Service’s Web site for their summer and school year hours of operation.

When illness or injury occurs outside of the health center's business hours, you may seek emergency treatment at a nearby facility usually Sutter ER, but must notify the health center of such treatment as soon as possible (preferably the next business day).  Please follow these procedures to realize your maximum insurance benefits.  For more information, call the SHIP coordinators at 530-752-6055.