Withdrawal from the DVM Program

  1. Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP)
    The Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) is defined as a voluntary, temporary, planned interruption or pause in your regular, full-time education. The purpose is to enhance the prospect of successful completion of your academic program by allowing time for you to pursue other activities that will assist you with: clarifying your educational goals; job opportunities away from campus; and time to resolve personal, financial or medical problems. PELP makes it possible for you to suspend your academic work for a time and resume your studies with minimal procedural difficulties.

    Registered professional students in the School of Veterinary Medicine are eligible to enroll in the Planned Educational Leave Program for up to 1 year, with approval from the Associate Dean of Academic Programs. Since the curriculum in years 1-3 is a lock-step curriculum, generally students who take a PELP will be away for a year and return to the class below them. This is different in year 4, where students can take a PELP for one, two or three semesters.
  2. Withdrawal from the DVM Program
    If a student has taken 1 year of PELP and is still not ready to re-enter the DVM program or they have decided to leave the program permanently, they withdraw from the program with prejudice (in academic difficulty at the time) or without prejudice (in good academic standing at the time). Should the student wish to re-enter the program in the future they apply to the Student Affairs Committee who will determine where in the curriculum they will restart in order to provide the best chances of academic success.