STAR Student NIH Oral Presentations

A portion of our STAR students are funded through an NIH T-35 training grant.  One of the requirements of this funding is that recipients are required to give an oral presentation of their research findings at the end of the summer. These talks take place over the course of several days, and are an opportunity for the students to present their hard work to their peers, mentors, faculty and staff.

Below are links to the PowerPoint presentations given by previous STAR NIH T-35 recipients. Click on the student's name to open the .pdf version of the PowerPoint slides. Audio recordings of the talks can be found on the STAR Presentations and Classes page.

2018 Presentations

Christina Chang

Amanda Crofton

Chase Garcia

Morgan Geller

Katherine Griffin

Janine Hertzka

Caelin Hommel

Rebecca Horn

Rowena Kuang

Kimberly Maciejczyk

Andrew Oates

Laurel Saldinger

Kimberley Sannajust

Krupa Swaminathan

Phoebe Weaver