Residents Win National Awards

Two UC Davis veterinary surgery residents won awards at the 2016 American College of Veterinary Surgery (ACVS) annual meeting in Seattle. Two other residents—from other residency training programs but mentored by a UC Davis faculty member—also won awards at the meeting.

UC Davis surgery resident Dr. Stephanie Majeski, mentored by faculty member Dr. Michele Steffey, won in the “clinical” section of the Small Animal Residents’ Forum Presentation for “CT lymphography for iliosacral lymphatic mapping in dogs with anal sac gland carcinoma.”

UC Davis surgery resident Dr. Anna Massie, mentored by faculty member Dr. Amy Kapatkin, won the Poster Presentation for “Outcome of chronic nonunion fractures in dogs treated with rigid fixation, compression resistant matrix, and recombinant human bone morphogenic protein 2.”

Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell, another UC Davis surgery resident also presented “Laparoscoic adrenalectomy for resection of unilateral noninvasive adrenocortical tumors in cats” at the meeting.

Two non-UC Davis residents, mentored by faculty member Dr. Sue Stover, won similar awards at the meeting. Dr. Elizabeth Collar, an equine surgery resident at Oregon State University, won in the “research” section of the Large Animal Residents’ Forum Presentation for “Third carpal bone fracture is associated with focal subchondral bone porosity in racehorses.” Another Dr. Stover mentee, Dr. Yonatan Buks, a former resident with the Animal Specialty Group, won Veterinary Surgery Publication Award for “The effects of interlocking a universal hip cementless stem on implant subsidence and mechanical properties of cadaveric canine femora,” which was a collaborative study between the Animal Specialty Group and Dr. Stover’s Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory.

The Outstanding Surgical Resident Awards are presented annually by the ACVS Foundation to encourage the continued development of clinically important research, particularly that conducted by surgical residents-in-training.

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