How to Apply

How to Apply

GSSP Application Deadlines:

Ph.D. Students - January 18, 2019

How to Apply

Download the NEW 2019 GSSP application (Word doc). The new version does not have a page limit for the research abstract but requires strict adherence to the character limits. Spaces are included in the character limits. Once application is complete, convert to a PDF document and email to: If you encounter any problems, please email same address for help.

Review this page for information on:

  1. Eligibility (students and mentors)
  2. Application Procedures
  3. GSSP Awards Committee
  4. Review Considerations
  5. Funding Decisions


Student applicants should:

  • Submit current CV listing all active & pending grants
  • Be currently enrolled in or accepted to an appropriate graduate group, clinical research training program, or scientific training program;
  • Propose to engage in training at UC Davis, except if research and/or scientific training is more appropriately obtained at an off-campus site.

Faculty mentors should:

  • Assume financial responsibility for students to include tuition, fees, research costs, and benefits;
  • Submit current CV listing all active & pending grants
  • Be members of the School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM);
  • Have a demonstrated history of training and graduating students with advanced scientific degrees, publication productivity, and grant-writing success;

Application Procedures

  • Once your application with all appropriate supporting materials is completed, save as ONE pdf, and email to by January 18, 2019.  Download the application (Word) by clicking here.

GSSP Awards Committee

Funds are awarded on a competitive basis by the GSSP Awards Committee made up of faculty members of the School of Veterinary Medicine, including:

  • Chairs, or their representatives, of the graduate groups managed by the School of Veterinary Medicine (Comparative Pathology, Epidemiology, Immunology)
  • VSTP Director
  • Center Director, chosen by the School of Veterinary Medicine Research Council
  • PI of an existing training grant, appointed by the SVM Dean's Office
  • Two (2) at-large veterinary school faculty nominated by the department chairs and appointed by the SVM Dean's Office
  • Up to two (2) open seats to allow for invitation, by the SVM Dean's Office, for representatives from graduate groups not administered by the School of Veterinary Medicine
  • For the review of P.C. Kennedy Fellowship Applications: A committee convened by the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education consisting of 2 current faculty members of the anatomic pathology group, an ACVP diplomate and alumnus of the graduate training program in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology not currently a member of the UCD SVM faculty, and 2 scientists from the UCD community who are experts in naturally occurring diseases of domestic animals, will be reviewing these particular applications.

Review Considerations

The primary focus for awarding GSSP applications is based on scientific and academic merit.  Financial need is secondary with consideration for funding based on where the student is in his/her degree program, i.e., first year, second year, etc., and the amount of confirmed funding reflected in the Financial Support Plan request.  Because of the diversity of applications received seeking funding from GSSP, review of applications is based on the following criteria:

For First-time Awards:

  • Information provided by the candidate’s formal application to the advanced scientific degree program, if relevant
  • Candidate’s eligibility for GSSP funding
  • Candidate’s academic record
  • Candidate’s narrative describing his/her commitment to a research and/or professional scientific career
  • Candidate’s professional competency and accomplishments
  • The faculty sponsor’s academic and scientific qualifications to serve as a mentor
  • The faculty sponsor’s financial plan for providing multi-year support for the student requesting GSSP funding, including payment of tuition & fees
  • The faculty sponsor's mentoring plan

For Recompeting Awards:

  • Assessment of successful progress made during the previous years
  • Whether or not the applicant has completed and submitted an extramural grant application during his/her training period
  • Whether the applicant continues to fulfill the Conditions of Award.

Funding Decisions

GSSP award and REACH Fellowship Program funding decisions will be made by April 1, 2019.

All funding decisions by the GSSP Awards Committee are subject to review and approval by the Office of Research and Graduate Education, School of Veterinary Medicine.


Please contact Jennifer Gouine at with any questions or concerns.