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Alumni Events

Events & Continuing Education

Stay connected to your alma mater! Learn about the multiple opportunities to stay connected with fellow alumni, current students, faculty and staff through events and programs at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, and beyond.

  • Alumni Reunion - Celebrate your milestone reunion; come back to Davis to walk down memory lane and create new memories. Learn more about Reunion Celebrations.
  • Conference Receptions - Visit UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine at hosted alumni receptions at veterinary conferences across the country. Come see your fellow alumni, students and faculty, learn about what is happening at the school and pick up some fun giveaways. Learn more about our upcoming conference receptions.
  • Continuing Education - The Center for Continuing Professional Education (CCPE) at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is committed to “lifelong learning” programs. Our programs provide the most current information on recent developments in veterinary medicine and improve the quality of life for our veterinary patients. Programs are available to veterinary professionals who are seeking new opportunities for advancing veterinary care, professional development and fulfilling their CE requirements. Select events are also provided that are appropriate for the general public to learn more about animal welfare, disease prevention, and one health issues. Learn more about our upcoming CE events.
  • Student Events - There are multiple ways for alumni to engage with students; from regular Friday TG's at Gladys Valley Hall, to mentorship, hosting a student for dinner during an internship in your area, share your wisdom with a note placed in the pocket of a first-year student at their White Coat Ceremony.


  • Special Events - Reconnect, Rediscover and Reignite! Join the UC Davis School of Vet Med alumni activities - a unique blend of fun, networking and participation tailored for our cherished alumni. For additional information on upcoming events, please contact Kristy Peterson, Senior Director of Alumni Relations at kepeterson@ucdavis.edu