Pramod K Pandey

Pramod K Pandey

Agronomist and Specialist in Cooperative Extension

Population Health & Reproduction

Vet Med 3B, Davis, CA 95616

2000, B. Tech, Mahatma Gandhi Gramodya University, Chitrakoot, India
2003, M.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Inda
2007, MS, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, USA
2011, Graduate Ceertificate - GIS, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA
2012, PhD, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA
Active Research Grants
Principal Investigator, Water Testing project, (Principal Investigator), California Department of Parks and Recreation
Co-Investigator, San Joaquin-Sacramento Dairy STEC Survey , Edward Robert Atwill (Principal Investigator), FDA
Principal Investigator, Alternative Manure Management, (Principal Investigator), California Department of Food and Agriculture
Co-Investigator, Production of Pathogen-Free Biofertilizer Products from Dairy Manure Solids, Ruihong Zhang (Principal Investigator),
Co-Investigator, Carbon Sequestration and Soil Heath Improvement in Almond Orchards Using Dairy Manure Compost, Ruihong Zhang (Principal Investigator), California Department of Food and Agriculture
Co-Principal Investigator, Recycled flush and lagoon water as a reservoir for antibiotic residues and resistant bacteria on dairies, Emmanuel Okello (Principal Investigator),
Honors and Awards
2004 Best M. Tech Research Award.
Students Innovative Project at Master's Level in Engineering. Indian National Academy of Engineering, New Dehli, India.
2010 Alpha Epsilon. Honor for outstanding agricultural, biological and food engineers from American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
2011 The Harold & Katherine Guy Graduate Fellowship Award. Outstanding research and academics in the field of soil and water conservation
2012 Rev. P.T. Taiganides Award. The Award of Outstanding PhD Student in Agricultural Engineering. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University
Most Recent Five Book Chapters
2020 Pandey PK, Soupir ML: Chapter 1, Water and Health, Pandey A, Mishra SK, Kansal ML, Singh RD, Singh VP, (ed), Climate Impacts on Water Resources in India, . 1-9.
2019 Pandey PK, Atwill ER: Chapter 5, Microbial pathogens in extensive and intensive animal agriculture systems, Engle T, Klingborg DJ, Rollin BE, (ed), The Welfare of Cattle, . 31-35.
2013 Pandey PK, Soupir ML, Majumder M, Kaiser MS: Statistical model for estimating pathogenic bacteria in streams, , Water Contamination Emergencies: Managing the Threats, Cambridge, UK. 441-7.
2012 Pandey PK, Soupir ML: Non-point Source Pollution, , Encyclopedia of Sustainability: Ecosystem Management and Sustainability, Great Barrinton, MA. .
Research Focus
Microbial pollution; Animal Waste Managment; Pathogen Fate & Transport; River Water Quality; Geographic Information System; Anaytical Chemistry; Microbiology; Anaerobic and Aerobic Treatment Processes; Microwave Technology; Ozonation Technology; Animal Carcasses Management and Rendering; Biomethane and Solar Energy; Residues of Antibiotic, Pesticides, and Herbicides; Biosecurity; Elemental Analysis; Near Infrared spectroscopy; Gas and Liquid Chromatography; Mass Spectrometry.
Specialty Focus
My research is focused on analysis, and designing of engineering solutions for controlling contamination in environment, and reducing risks to public health, agricultural crops, animal and environmental health. My approach is to utilize lab and field scale experiments to understand the fundamental principles underlying these problems, and find both physical and computational insights and interpretations to develop modern technology for finding the solutions.
Ten Recent Publications

Shaw CA, Park Y, Gonzalez M, Duong RA, Pandey PK, Brooke CG, Hess M. A .
A Comparison of Three Artificial Rumen Systems for Rumen Microbiome Modeling

Pandey PK^, Shetty BD, Wickam P, Aminabadi P, Chen Z, Mai K, Stackhouse JW, Jay-Russell MT
Physico-chemical assessment of on-farm bioconversion of organic waste in dairy farms in context to sustainability and circular bioeconomy.

Wang Y, Shetty BD, Kuppu S, Pandey PK^
Animal waste antibiotic residues and resistance genes: A review