FedEx Shipping Program Information

FedEx Shipping Program Information

Reduced Rate Fed Ex Shipping Program

  • Who is eligible?
  • Any veterinarians and veterinary clinics in the U.S. interested in submitting samples to the Clinical Endocrinology Laboratory are invited to participate in the FedEx Reduced Rate Program.
  • How much does it cost?
  • Enrollment is free. We will charge a flat rate of $27 per package, with increases in increments of $5 for heavy boxes (typically greater than 7lbs) or lighter boxes with large dimensions, as determined by FedEx. *Prices are based on FedEx billing and are subject to change without notice. We will charge you for overweight packages after running the Fed Ex report and will send you an invoice which you can pay online.
  • What type of shipping level does this include?
  • This rate is for Fed Ex Priority overnight shipping.
  • Where can I send packages?
  • We will only generate return labels addressed to the Clinical Endocrinology Laboratory at:  3230 VM3B, 1089 Veterinary Medicine Drive, UC Davis.
    Packages meant for other UC Davis labs such as CAHFS, the Clinical Lab Services at the Vet Teaching Hospital, Real-time PCR Core Facility, or the Veterinary Genetics Lab which are sent using this label are not guaranteed delivery, and you will still be charged for the shipment.
  • How do I receive return labels?
  • After you return your enrollment form, we will add you to our Fed Ex address book. When you need to ship us a package, email or phone us and we will provide you with a shipping label by fax or email, according to the address you have on file. Please contact us 24 hours in advance to provide adequate response time.

    Customers who regularly need labels can be issued a password and login to generate their own. They will be expected to pay their fees using a credit card,  or via the online payment link.
  • How am I charged?
  • We will charge the credit card number provided on the submission form, or over the phone, for test fees. We will no longer keep cards on file for Fed Ex enrollment. A second option is to pay online for a Fed Ex shipping label, then call our lab to issue one. There will soon be an online link on our website for online payment for labels and fees.

    We will check our shipping reports and compare them to payments provided. Customers who don’t pay their Fed Ex fees will not receive test results.
  • Why do you only accept credit cards and not billing
  • Our lab is set up to accept credit cards as the primary form of payment. We do not share billing resources with other clinical labs at UC Davis. Our department doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to bill hundreds of clients monthly.
  • When do you receive packages?
  • Packages should be sent Monday through Thursday only. We are not open on Saturday or Sunday, so overnight Fed Ex packages shipping Friday will be held at the Fed Ex facility until Monday. This may compromise specimen quality. 


Reduced Rate FedEx Shipping Program Enrollment Form (.doc)