Research Testing

Research Testing

Call us for research study pricing at reduced rates. We will work with you to develop and/or validate assays as needed.  We are also able to run most commercial EIA’s and RIA’s.


Validated For


Luteinizing hormone Horses RIA
Follicle stimulating hormone Horses RIA
Cortisol Horses, Fish EIA
Testosterone Horses, other equines, mammals RIA
Progesterone Horses, other equines, camelids, cows EIA
Estrone sulfate Horses, other equines, goats EIA
Anti Müllerian hormone Horses EIA
Inhibin B Horses EIA
Urinary testosterone Monkeys EIA
Urinary estrone conjugates Monkeys EIA
Urinary PdG Monkeys EIA
DHEA, salivary Humans EIA
Salimetrics salivary assays Humans RIA
Alpha amylase Humans EIA
Estradiol Bovines RIA