Progesterone/DHP Determination by Mass Spectrometry

Progesterone/DHP Determination by Mass Spectrometry

Note: The mass spec program is in its initial clinical testing phase.  The use of progesterone/DHP ratio is supported by strong scientific evidence (see documentation under links). However, no lab test is infallible and feedback on clinical outcome is valuable to us and greatly welcomed.

Test cost: Clinical specimens: $100.00, retest at no charge in one month if there is an indication that luteo-placental shift has not occurred.

Research testing: inquire, price will be determined by sample quantity.

Species: Our published data is for light horse mares. We have less data for mini-mares, but they are expected to be similar to light horse mares. We do not yet have sufficient data for other equine species, but will run samples submitted from other equine species to build our database.

Sample requirements: 2 ml serum or plasma. The analytes are stable and may be shipped ground, if you are not in a hurry for results. Otherwise, Fed Ex or UPS are preferred. Postal Service deliveries are intercepted by our campus mailroom and delivered to us days later.

Test day: Tuesday               

Report day: Friday

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