UC Davis veterinary hospital treats dog with melanoma cancer

"It all began when a freak accident turned into being a blessing in disguise," said Melissa, the owner of Nalla, an 8-year-old Chow mix. "Nalla had missed the jump into the truck and split open her face, needing emergency surgery. That is when they found the spot on her tongue. Later it was diagnosed and staged at UC Davis as stage 1 melanoma. It was devastating to hear. Worry, fear and anger consumed me. I didn’t know what to do or how i was going to pay for Nalla’s care. I had been out of work myself with an injury, so money was tight and I felt so lost. When I received the call about the Petco grant, I felt so much relief and happiness. Since Nalla’s diagnosis and her cancer removal from her tongue, she has turned 8-years-old and was cancer free at her two-month checkup. There is not enough gratitude I could possibly express to show how blessed we were to receive the grant and to have such a professional caring team of veterinarians, technicians and students taking care of her."

Nalla was approved to receive funding from a generous grant from the Blue Buffalo Foundation’s support of the Petco Foundation pet cancer treatment program at the UC Davis veterinary hospital. The grant helps support treatments for domestic companion animals suffering from cancer. The project is designed to support pet parents of modest means or pet parents whose pets provide a service to others.