Dog Survives Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from House Fire

“Case of the Month” – May 2024


Dr. Allison O'Donnell is familiar with the UC Davis veterinary hospital, having received her veterinary degree from the school in 2023. Unfortunately, she and fiancé Matt Cardinale had to experience the hospital as clients recently when their dog Squid, a 5-year-old female husky/terrier mix, was trapped in a house fire and suffered carbon monoxide poisoning.

Pet Owners: Watch Out for Foxtail Seed Pods That Can Harm Your Dog or Cat This Summer

Across much of the United States, spring is in full force. With warmer weather, people are taking their furry family members out on longer walks and spending more time outside. Alongside blooming flowers and trees, your pet might run into a small, unassuming grass seed pod known as a foxtail. Despite the cute name, foxtails can pose a major threat to your pet’s health.

UC Davis Successfully Treats Cancer in Dog of Olympic Champion and Actor/Singer Star Couple


Hunter, a 9-year-old cocker spaniel, lives a great life with his owners Brian Boitano and Franc D’Ambrosio. But when D’Ambrosio noticed an abnormality while performing a routine anal sac expression, they took Hunter to their veterinarian who diagnosed apocrine gland anal sac adenocarcinoma (AGASACA). While AGASACA represents 17% of all perianal tumors in dogs, it only makes up 2% of all canine skin tumors.

UC Davis Opens Center for Advanced Veterinary Surgery

The UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital has expanded its Orthopedic Surgery Service to open the Center for Advanced Veterinary Surgery. Modeled after human health inpatient/outpatient facilities, the center provides advanced surgical capabilities for animals suffering from injuries or disorders of the bones and joints, while increasing case volume and training capacity.

The standalone center is located just steps from the veterinary hospital and encompasses 25 rooms and 7,300 square feet of space, including three state-of-the-art operating rooms.

Prompt Response Helps Dog Survive Rattlesnake Bite

Jack, a 10-year-old Jack Russell terrier/Chihuahua mix, was enjoying his family’s rural property in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains when he was bitten on the face by a rattlesnake. Thankfully, owner Andrea Colbert witnessed the attack and took immediate action.