Center for Advanced Veterinary Surgery

Center for Advanced Veterinary Surgery

A vision realized by your support!

As part of the comprehensive Veterinary Medical Complex, we are thrilled to introduce our new Center for Advanced Veterinary Surgery.

The center is a 7,300 square foot, state-of-the-art orthopedic surgery facility that represents the beginning of a new clinical era of the school. Modeled after modern human health inpatient/outpatient facilities, the center provides advanced surgical capabilities while increasing case volume and training capacity. The equipment is of the highest quality for either human or veterinary health, and is 100% funded by donors.


Every Monday, we field approximately 1,000 calls from people seeking veterinary care.”

—Dr. Kate Hopper, Chief Veterinary Medical Officer, UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital


Increased capacity to help more animals: Amazing Case Stories

With a shortage of space and outdated equipment, we were not able to take or treat every patient. The Center for Advanced Veterinary Surgery is already filling in care gaps and enabling us to make lives better. 


Center for Advanced Surgery Lobby and OR

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This unique space is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the growing needs of our clients.

  • Central Workspace
    • A collaborative space for clinicians where anesthetic planning, surgical planning, and operating room planning take place. The area is strategically situated to offer visual access to patients during induction and recovery from anesthesia.
  • Patient Consult Room
    • The room is used for private discussions and consultations between clinicians and pet owners, enabling medical history review, symptom evaluation, diagnosis, treatment options, personalized care, client education, and the viewing of X-rays, all within a comfortable and confidential environment.
  • Exam Room
    • The exam room is intentionally larger, providing ample space for comfortable and flexible orthopedic exams. It accommodates necessary equipment, allows for multiple clinicians and students if required, and ensures a thorough examination while maintaining patient comfort.
  • Treatment Room
    • The treatment room is to facilitate efficient and effective treatment for patients requiring essential medical procedures, including bandage changes, external fixator adjustments, and wound care.

  • Induction Room
    • The induction room is dedicated to anesthesia induction and surgical preparation. All patients will be overseen by a qualified anesthesiologist, and equipped with advanced monitoring equipment for real-time adjustments to ensure patient comfort and safety. Additionally, it is equipped with all necessary tools and supplies for the comprehensive preparation of the surgical site, including tasks such as shaving and initial cleaning before transferring the patient to the operating room.

  • Post-anesthesia Room
    • Post-anesthetic recovery takes place in a tranquil environment designed for patients to be carefully monitored after surgery and anesthesia. This critical post-operative period is known for its elevated risk of anesthetic complications, making the quiet and supervised recovery setting essential for ensuring patient well-being and safety.

  • Operating Rooms
    • There are 3 operating rooms in the center. The operating room is where orthopedic surgeons and their teams perform surgeries related to bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments. Equipped with specialized instruments and advanced imaging technology, it provides a custom-built controlled and sterile environment for complex procedures that aim to restore mobility, alleviate pain, and improve musculoskeletal function.

  • Scrub Rooms
    • There are 2 scrub rooms. A surgical scrub room in a veterinary facility is where the surgical team performs thorough hand scrubbing and dons sterile attire before entering the surgery area. This process helps maintain aseptic conditions and reduces the risk of infections during surgical procedures.