Dr. Jane SykesDr. Jane Sykes

Chief Veterinary Medical Officer
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Leadership and oversight of Veterinary Medical Center clinical operations, policy development, strategic planning, licensure, committee activities, academic personnel management, facilities, clinical training programs, and promotion of clinical activities through public relations, outreach and development activity.(530) 752-2957



Joy Hoover, MBAJoy Hoover, MBA

Hospital Administrator

The Hospital Administrator has direct fiscal and operational management responsibility for all non-academic services, balancing business operations with providing support for the VMTH clinical teaching and service activities. The Hospital Administrator is the VMTH's executive liaison to the SVM and campus units. (530) 752-9965


Dr. Kate HopperDr. Kate Hopper

Director of Small Animal Clinic
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Provides oversight for day-to-day operations in the small animal hospital including patient care, client, staff and clinician concerns. Participates in clinical service management, development of hospital policies and hospital outreach activities. (530) 752-1393



Mary Beth WhitcombDr. Mary Beth Whitcomb

Interim Director of Large Animal Clinic
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(530) 752-0290



Dr. Jane SykesDr. Bill Vernau

Associate Director of Laboratory Services
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(530) 754-7162




Associate Director of Imaging Services
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(530) 752-6630

Traci ZalaskyTraci Zalasky

Manager of Client Services 

Responsible for the management of our client services team, overseeing and maintaining  excellent customer relations.  Works with administration for quality improvements for the hospital for positive change to benefit clients.
(530) 752-1867



Jan Harlan, MAJan Harlan, MA

Hospital Executive Officer

Manages and oversees resident training, student programs, administrative support, visitors program and tour program. Primary communication resource and liaison for the Director's Office, School of Veterinary Medicine Dean's Office and departments.
(530) 752-9963



Rob WarrenRob Warren

Communications and Marketing Officer
(530) 752-2363