Dr. Jane SykesDr. Jane Sykes

Chief Veterinary Medical Officer
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(530) 752-2957



Joy Hoover, MBAJoy Hoover, MBA

Hospital Administrator
(530) 752-2945



Dr. Kate HopperDr. Kate Hopper

Director of Small Animal Clinic
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(530) 752-1393



Dr. Larry GaluppoDr. Larry Galuppo

Interim Director of Large Animal Clinic
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(530) 752-0290



Dr. Jane SykesDr. Bill Vernau

Associate Director of Clinical Laboratory Services
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(530) 754-7162



Dr. Erik WisnerDr. Erik Wisner

Associate Director of Imaging Services
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(530) 752-6630




Associate Director of Pathology Services




Traci ZalaskyTraci Zalasky

Director of Client Services 
(530) 752-1867



Jan Harlan, MAJan Harlan, MA

Hospital Executive Officer
(530) 752-2957
(530) 752-3314 FAX



Rob WarrenRob Warren

Communications and Marketing Officer
(530) 752-2363