About UsAbout Us

The Office for Global Programs facilitates and supports global programs that align with the mission of the School of Veterinary Medicine. We are dedicated to promoting research, education, and service with the goal of advancing discovery and meeting societal needs worldwide while educating future generations of leaders in veterinary medicine and global health.

Our Mission

Promote, facilitate and support global programs that advance the health of animals, people and the environment.


  • Faculty and staff engagement in education, research, service and outreach globally
  • Development of sustainable relationships with international partner institutions
  • International student experience in research and veterinary medicine  


  • Access to resources (safety, health and security) for international travel and activities
  • Extramural support for global projects and student training
  • Partnership agreements of cooperation and collaboration with foreign institutions


  • Coordination between faculty, staff and students working internationally
  • Communication and marketing of existing and new global programs and activities
  • International programs in education, research, service and outreach