German shepherd treated at UC Davis veterinary hospital
Thankfully, the mass on Dakota's kidney turned out to be a rare benign polyp.

German Shepherd Treated for Rare Benign Polyp on Kidney

Dakota, a 9-year-old male German shepherd, was diagnosed with a mass on his kidney and was taken to see the oncology specialists at the UC Davis veterinary hospital.

Dakota’s family qualified for financial assistance at UC Davis through a generous grant from the Blue Buffalo Foundation’s support of the Petco Foundation pet cancer treatment program at the UC Davis veterinary hospital. The grant helps support treatments for domestic companion animals suffering from cancer. The project is designed to support pet parents of modest means or pet parents whose pets provide a service to others.

Working with oncologists to strategically plan the best surgical approach, the hospital’s soft tissue surgeons were able to laparoscopically remove the mass, along with his left kidney and ureter. Dakota recovered well from the surgery and the mass was sent to the Clinical Pathology Service for gross and microscopic evaluation.

“We received the ecstatic news that the mass was a rare benign polyp,” said Dakota’s owner Helena.

The mass is so rare in fact, there have only been eight cases in dogs documented and published.

“It was an incredible relief to receive such good news. It would have never been possible without the generous help of the Petco Foundation and the marvelous staff at UC Davis.”

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