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Diversity and Inclusion Education

Diversity and Inclusion Education

Prologue - Welcome to your Diverse Community of Learners

Beginning the first day of veterinary school, entering students participate in the week-long introductory course we refer to as “Prologue.” During Prologue, the diversity and inclusion messages are taught to engage students in the richness of our diversity and to set the tone for the inclusive and welcoming environment we strive for. Promoting of conversation and dialogue has part of these early days of veterinary school and a demonstration of the School’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Principles of Community

Principles of Community 2016

On the very first day, students are welcomed to the school’s diverse community of learners and hear about our commitment to supporting an environment that supports diversity and inclusion. During a 90 minute educational session, students hear from the School's Chief Diversity Officer; the Associate Chief Diversity Officer in the Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and a student representative from VOICE who introduce the Principles of Community and discuss how they are applied to the program in both academics and student programs.

Students further engage with with the Principles of Community through a one-hour e-learning course called "Living the Principles of Community," which is designed to promote inclusiveness and respect in the work and learning environments at UC Davis.

Implicit Bias Training

Beginning in 2020, Prologue now includes introductory implicit bias and cultural humility training. Prologue Mentors provided a brief presentation to introduce the concept of implicit bias, and students were asked to do a couple of the implicit bias association tests through Project Implicit in preparation. Students were also introduced to the prominence of implicit bias in clinical settings.