Diversity and Inclusion Education

Prologue - Welcome to your Diverse Community of Learners

Beginning the first day of veterinary school, entering students participate in the week-long introductory course we refer to as “Prologue.” On the very first day, students are welcomed to the school’s diverse community of learners and hear about our commitment to supporting an environment that supports diversity and inclusion. From the beginning of school the diversity and inclusion message are taught to engage students in the richness of our diversity and to set the tone for the inclusive and welcoming environment we strive for. Promoting of conversation and dialogue has part of these early days of veterinary school and a demonstration of the school’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Outcomes for this 1 ½ hour educational session are to promote inclusiveness and respect in the educational learning environment at UCD School of Veterinary Medicine; recall the principles of community; and apply the principles of community to student life at the school.