2020 STAR Research Expo

School-wide research event highlighting the 2020 Students Training in Advanced Research (STAR) student scientists.

November 20, 2020
5:00 - 7:00pm


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Poster Session 1: Comparative Oncology

Faculty Facilitators:

Dr. Luke Wittenburg (Session Moderator)                      
Dr. James Angelastro                                

Dr. Xinbin Chen                                                                   
Dr. Kevin Woolard

STAR Presentations:

Amit Levi   (Mentor: Xinbin Chen)
p53 Mutations in Canine Cancers - A Review Study

Rebecca F Terrett   (Mentor: Kevin Woolard)
Revisiting canine glioma: what can we learn from pediatric and adult human glioma?

Aryana M Razmara   (Mentors: Christine Toedebusch, Luke Wittenburg)
Canine central nervous system metastatic melanoma: a retrospective analysis and comparative review

Victoria R. Tobin    (Mentors: Luke Wittenburg, Ellen Rothenberg)
Dynamic changes in chromatin accessibility and Runx transcription factor interactions in T cell development

Nicole M Yost   (Mentor: James Angelastro)
Evaluating novel therapeutics for the treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme


Poster Session 2: Herd/Food Animal Health

Faculty Facilitators:

Dr. Emmanuel Okello (Session Moderator)
Dr. Sharif Ali
Dr. Susan Stover

Dr. Beatriz Martinez Lopez
Dr. Meera Heller
Dr. Frank Mitloehner

Dr. Noelia Silva-Del-Rio                                         

STAR Presentations:

Eleanor M Pressman (Mentor: Frank Mitloehner)
Using alternative greenhouse gas metrics to assess warming effects and dynamics of methane emissions from dairy cattle

Jordan V Nunes  (Mentors:  Laurel Gershwin, Gerald Barry-UC Dublin)
Comparative sequence analysis of SARS-CoV-2 immunosuppressive protein targets across species.

Ashley N. Caron-Brummel (Mentor: Noelia Silva Del Rio)
Massage Therapy as a Recovery Aid for Animal and Human Patients Following Respiratory Disease: a Protocol for a Systematic Review

Anett A Szczepanek  (Mentor: Emmanuel Okello)
1. Quantification of Antimicrobial Drug Use and health outcomes in pre-weaned California dairy calves
2. Antimicrobial Resistance of Staphylococcus and Streptococcus species from Bulk Tank Milk samples from California Dairies

Maggie Buktenica  (Mentor:  Meera Heller)
Survey of Within-Herd Prevalence of Coronavirus in Goats in Northern California and Oregon During 2018 and 2020

Olivia Cords (Mentor: Beatriz Martinez Lopez)
Modeling the potential spread of African swine fever in North Macedonia

Hannah E Neer (Mentor: Anna Denicol)
Environmental impact on embryo production in superovulated cattle

Kassidy R. Shelly (Mentor: Susan Stover)
Fetlock injury prevention in horses


Poster Session 3: Molecular, Nutritional and Regenerative Medicine 

Faculty Facilitators:

Dr. Brian Leonard (Session Moderator)
Dr. Ingrid Balsa
Dr. Sarah Thomasy

Dr. Nicole Baumgarth
Dr. Amir Kol
Dr. Ron Li

Dr. Stuart Meyers
Dr. Frank Verstraete
Dr. Lance Visser     

STAR Presentations:

Allison H Shannon (Mentor:  Brian Leonard)
Modulation of antimicrobial peptide expression as a novel approach to treating infectious keratitis

Siobhan S Rickert (Mentor:  Frank Verstraete)
The Temporomandibular Joint Pathology of Wild Carnivora (foxes)

Scarlett L Varney (Mentor: Danika Bannasch)
The Role of Selected Genetic Variants in Poodle Size

Erin A Hisey (Mentor: Stuart Meyers)
Gene Editing in Equine Embryos: A Model for Gene Therapy to Reduce Burden of Genetic Diseases

Tiffany A Kim (Mentor: Ingrid Balsa)
A cohort study of canine patients with migrating plant awn-associated disease: geographical distribution of plant awn species and identity of bacterial isolates

Marissa Rae Monopoli (Mentors: Migallon Guzman, Amir Kol)
Hematologic Reference Intervals in Cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus)

Tracy Trang Nguyen (Mentor: Sara Thomasy)
OPA1 Mutation and Gender-Dependent Differences in Circumpapillary Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Rhesus macques (Macaca mulatta)

Riley E. Ellis-Reis  (Mentor: Lance Visser)
Evaluation of regurgitant fraction in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease

Eliza Richartz  (Mentor: Nicole Baumgarth)
IgG Glycosylation Modifications in Mice due to Borellia burgdorferi infection


Poster Session 4: Pharmacology/Toxicology

Faculty Facilitators: 

Dr. Josh Stern (Session Moderator)
Dr. Monica Aleman
Dr. Jenessa Gjeltema

Dr. Swee Teh
Dr. Stan Marks
Dr. Heather Knych

STAR Presentations:

Kristen R. Stucker (Mentor: Heather Knych)
Pharmacokinetics, adverse effects, and effect on thermal nociception of codeine following administration of 3 doses to horses

Emma T Zhang (Mentor: Karen Shapiro)
Spatial modeling of microplastics and zoonotic parasites along coastlines from North America: Implications for human and wildlife health

Amy (Huong) Huynh  (Mentor: Kent Pinkerton)
Microglial activation following nose-to-brain transport of silver silicate nanoparticles in the rodent

Prathima A Garudadri (Mentor: Jenessa Gjeltema)
Comparative Analysis of Microplastics in Marine Mammals - Literature Review and Modified Fecal Sample Analysis

Alexander R True (Mentor: Monica Aleman)
Evaluating the Ototoxicity of Aminoglycosides in an Equine Population

Yafen Zhen (Mentor: Swee Teh)
Effects of Copper, Organophosphate, and Pyrethroid Pesticides on the Growth and Survival of Copepods Eurytemora affinis and Pseudodiaptomus forbesi

Kurt Miura (Mentor: Stan Marks)
Videofluoroscopic and manometric assessment of lower esophageal function in dogs with idiopathic megaesophagus

Sara T. Lo (Mentors: Joshua Stern, Ronald Li)
Inhibitory effects of dual antithrombotic therapy by clopidogrel and rivaroxaban on platelet function in cats


Poster Session 5: Neurosciences, Neurology, Behavior

Faculty Facilitators:

Dr. Carrie Finno (Session Moderator)
Dr. Joanne Paul-Murphy
Dr. Jon Ramsey

Dr. Christina Sigurdson
Dr. Elizabeth Stelow
Dr. Karen Vernau

Dr. Christine Toedebusch                                    

Student Presenters:

Megan J Rivera (Mentor: Carrie Finno)
Effects of Sex and Vitamin E Status on RORa and LXR Expression in Spinal Cord and Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons of Young Mice

Joie Lin (Mentor: Christina Sigurdson)
Mechanisms of Demyelination in Prion Disease

Laila M Joseph (Mentor: Christine Toedebusch)
Determination of the effect of microglia-derived olfactomedin-like 3 on mouse brain endothelial cell angiogenesis

Yael Ad (Mentor: Jon Ramsey)
The Impact of a Ketogenic Diet on Cognitive and Motor Function in Female Mice

Davia C Kot  (Mentor: Liz Stelow)
Effect of human socialization and training on Hispaniolan Amazon Parrots neophilia

Vivia Liang (Mentor: Joanne Paul-Murphy)
Effect of Human Socialization on Captive Hispaniolan Amazon Parrot Behaviors

Julia R Cohen (Mentor: Karen Vernau)
The effects of weaning stress and maternal presence on kitten personality, health, and behavior


Poster Session 6: Virology, Vector Borne Disease and One Health

Faculty Facilitators:

Dr. Esteban Soto-Martinez (Session Moderator)
Dr. Lark Coffey
Dr. Jonathan Dear

Dr. Tierra Smiley Evans
Dr. Janet Foley
Dr. Kristin Gilardi

Dr. Patty Pesavento
Dr.  Michael Ziccardi

Student Presenters:

Julie A Baldassano (Mentor: Lark Coffey
Subtyping influenza A virus antibodies in northern elephant seals

Maya L. Iyer (Mentor: Tierra Smiley Evans)
Novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus 1A hemorrhagic disease in a captive juvenile Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)

Makda Asrat  (Mentor: Kirsten Gilardi)
A 15-year Retrospective Ecological and Epidemiological Analysis of Data from California Bat Carcasses

Brianna Stoyle (Mentors: Janet Foley, Eranda Rajapaksha- Univ of Peradeniya)
Vectors and Reservoir Hosts for Spotted Fever Group Rickettsia

Erica K Chang (Mentors: Esteban Soto Martinez, Michael Ziccardi)
Investigating Virulence of Novel Aquatic Animal Pathogens

Nadia N Javeed  (Mentor: Jonathan Dear)
Disease epidemiology and clinical outcomes of domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) infected with Babesia conradae

Maya S Schlesinger (Mentor: Patricia Pesavento)
Multiregional phylogenetic characterization of skunk amdoparvovirus (SKAV) and development of an in vitro model

Christine J E Haake (Mentor: Brian Murphy)
Coronavirus Infections in Companion Animals