Forms and Guidelines

MicroplateForms and Guidelines

  • A Clinical Laboratory Sample Submission form (fillable pdf) must be included with each laboratory submission.
  • Clearly indicate which test(s) are requested, as listed in the test menu. Please note: Certain tests require alternate submission forms, listed below by laboratory.
  • NOTE: All laboratory requests and submissions must be made by a veterinarian, and results will only be released to a veterinarian. We cannot accept laboratory submissions directly from animal owners.
  • Testing specifics, such as shipping conditions, sample requirements, and turn-around-times can be found under the test menu.
  • Ship all samples overnight via FedEx, Monday - Thursday only. Do not send overnight shipments on Fridays or Thursdays before holiday weekends. Do not use USPS, as sample delivery will be delayed.
  • FedEx Reduced Price Shipping Program is available to veterinarians and veterinary clinics.
  • All international shipments require a copy of an Import Permit. Ensure the shipment includes the permit valid during your shipping period.
  • Laboratory results are transmitted by email or fax. For patient safety, results can not be read over the phone.
  • Specimen submitted using VMTH Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory samples submission forms will be subject to VMTH Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory fee structure.

Shipping & mailing address:

Central Laboratory Receiving, Rm 1033
1 Garrod Drive
Davis, CA 95616


  • OFA Thyroid Testing - VMTH OFA Submission form (fillable pdf) and OFA Application form (fillable pdf) - each sample must be accompanied by both forms; one for our laboratory, the other for the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.
  • 24-hour Urine Uric Acid Submission Form (Instructions) (submission form - fillable pdf)
  • Chemistry Panel Test Grid (pdf)
  • Endocrinology Sample Collection Guidelines (pdf)
  • Coagulation Sample Collection Guidelines (pdf)
  • Chemistry Reference Intervals (pdf)
  • Effects of Hemolysis, Icterus, Lipemia (pdf), Index Values (pdf)

Clinical Research

  • Clinical Research website
  • Guidelines for Research at the VMTH Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories (pdf)
  • If you are interested in lab work for research, but aren't certain what tests to order or if you need a price quote, please submit a Research Inquiry Form (fillable pdf).
  • Study Registration Form (fillable pdf) - A Study Registration form must be submitted and approved before samples are submitted.
  • Sample Submission Form (fillable pdf) - The Sample Submission form must accompany all research sample submission to the VMTH Clinical Laboratories.


Immunology & Virology


Biological samples submitted to the VMTH Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories may be used for VMTH teaching and research purposes consistent with the mission of the University.