The VMTH Clinical Laboratories are actively involved with the research community, both at UC Davis and at other public and private entities. Our laboratory services are comprehensive, accurate and can be tailored to fit the needs of our research clients.

Forms & Guidelines

Planning a study

While planning a study that involves Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory testing, we can provide project planning assistance, sample submission requirements, and price quotes that will sustain the duration of your study.

Information about available lab testing or price quotes can be obtained by: submitting a Research Inquiry via fax or email, emailing or calling Central Lab Receiving, or emailing our Research & Development Analyst, Dr. Danielle Carrade Holt, at Include information about specific tests requested.

Available testing is listed here, in a searchable format. If you are interested in a test that is not listed, please contact our R&D Analyst.

All hospital fees, including laboratory research fees, increase at the start of every fiscal year, July 1. We highly encourage researchers to factor in price increases when planning for a multi-year study (~10% annually).

Ready to start a study?

To assist in accurate testing & billing, and to ensure that there are no delays in sample processing, we ask that all studies are registered with the laboratory at minimum one week prior to start date. To register a study, fill out and remit a Research Study Registration (fillable pdf).

  • University of California researchers: provide a valid grant number
  • SVM/VMTH researchers: provide a grant number in VMACS format (X0_____). If you do not have this information, please provide your grant number in SVM format (V______).
  • Non-University of California researchers: include a billing address and contact phone number. If you are a returning client, please provide your VMTH Client ID, if known.

Sample Submission

Research samples are accepted by the Central Lab Receiving, Monday-Friday, 8am-8:30pm PST (except university holidays). Samples received late in the day may not be processed until the following business day.

Samples may be hand-delivered to VMTH Rm 1033 or mailed to the laboratory.

  • If mailing samples, please ship via overnight delivery Monday-Thursday only. We do not acccept packages on weekends.
  • All research clients are eligible for our FedEx Reduced Price Shipping Program.

All samples must be accompanied by a Research Sample Submission Form (fillable pdf). Forms are stored indefinitely with the laboratory.

  • Need more space on the sample submission form (30+ samples)? Use the continuation form (fillable pdf).

Billing & Fees

Submissions to the Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories are billed through a VMTH client account. If you do not already have an account, one will be created upon Research Study Registration submission.

Laboratory fees increase at the start of every fiscal year, July 1. We highly encourage researchers to factor in price increases when planning for a multi-year study (~10% annually).

Completed Studies

Have you completed your study after submitting samples to the VMTH Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories? We would love to see any posters or publications written using data from our labs. Please contact Dr. Danielle Carrade Holt at to share your research results.