Students Engaged Globally

Student International Summer Externship & Fellowships - 2021

Due to pandemic travel restrictions, students conducted much of their research remotely this year or shifted focus to different projects. While they experienced challenges in their studies, they also learned valuable skills in communication while strengthening collaboration, critical thinking, and hands-on laboratory skills. 

 To search for potential faculty mentors; explore the faculty engagement map on our Faculty & Staff Engagement page.

Additional Student Opportunities and Programs

Rx One Health

The goal of Rx One Health is to provide a “prescription” or Rx for early career health professionals to prepare them for immediate engagement in global health careers that will demand effective problem solving skills, cross-disciplinary engagements, and solid foundations in field and laboratory activities. The intensive course is aimed at a level appropriate for recent graduates or students in medical and veterinary schools around the world, as well as other early career health, agriculture, and conservation professionals. For more information on the course, visit the course website here.

MOSAIC (Formerly One Health Nicaragua)

Models of One Health Solutions in Action in Communities (MOSAIC), formerly known as One Health Nicaragua (OHN), is a multidisciplinary, student-led project from the University of California, Davis aimed at developing sustainable solutions to address complex health problems and alleviate poverty in vulnerable, rural communities. More information here.

Students Engaged Globally

Check out what our students have been doing in the summer, explore the pins on the map below to find out where students have participated in international research and externship experiences.