Anatomy, Physiology, & Cell Biology


Emphasizes programs with a strong correlation between structure and function.

About APC

Mission Statement

The Department's mission is to emphasize programs with a strong correlation between structure and function and to focus on integration of cellular and molecular biology with the biology of cell populations organized as tissues, organs, organ systems and organisms. This emphasis includes an appreciation of the responses of cell populations and organisms to environmental quality and homeostatic challenge. Areas of excellence exist in pulmonary toxicology and in aquatic-ecotoxicology and form a potential focus in environmental health of farm and free ranging animals which may provide additional positions for veterinarians trained in environmental health and toxic impairment. As a second focus, the Department coordinates programs in the School of Veterinary Medicine having an anatomical, physiological, behavioral, biomechanical or cell biological emphasis as they relate to free ranging (wild) populations of vertebrate organisms in addition to domesticated and laboratory animals.


It is the Department's general goal to introduce and foster the most up-to-date development in the study of anatomy, physiology, behavior, biomechanics, and cell biology; to maintain educational, research and service programs of the highest quality, pertaining to animal health and disease; and to promote excellence and originality in advancing the knowledge and techniques of cellular and physiological mechanisms of organ function as an interdisciplinary focus for research and application in the areas of:

  • Cardiopulmonary and hemostatic systems
  • Ecotoxicology - terrestrial and aquatic
  • Gastrointestinal physiology and metabolism
  • Reproductive biology
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Nervous system
  • Behavior


Emeritus Faculty

  • Bruss, Michael
  • Cardinet, George
  • Curry, Donald L.
  • Faulkin, Leslie
  • Gietzen, Dorothy
  • Hart, Benjamin
  • Hyde, Dallas M.
  • Heusner, Alfred A.
  • Plopper, Charles
  • Tablin, Fern
  • Tyler, Walt
  • Wu, Reen


Denese Christensen

Denise Christensen

Department Manager (MSO)
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Sylvia Centeno

Academic & Staff Personnel
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Diana Dai

Account Manager
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Sheryl Edgar

Sheryl Edgar

Purchasing Specialist
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Deuane Khamnivong

Deuane Khamnivong

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